Why YouTube Isn’t a
Course Substitute

I’ve heard it numerous times, “why should I take a course when there are free resources out there like YouTube?”

While it’s true that there are a TON of free resources out there, here’s why YouTube isn’t a substitute for a course:

  1. When you take a course, it’s proactive, not retroactive. What this means is that a course prepares you before you get clients. This is absolutely essential for your success for a number of reasons.
    • It gives you more confidence going into discovery calls.
    • It gives you more credibility with potential clients. They are attracted to VAs who have invested in themselves.
    • It’ll keep you from crashing and burning. A client cannot give you a task and expect you to YouTube your way through it. Let’s think about this logically, if you were running a business that was your baby, something that you grew from the ground up, would you feel comfortable handing over tasks to someone who wasn’t trained? Of course, you wouldn’t. No one would and a course prepares you.
  2. If you aren’t familiar with this industry, you’ll have no idea what you should be learning. I personally have been in this industry for ten years. I know exactly what clients want and need you to know, which is why my VAs get hired so fast.
  3. YouTubing doesn’t give you the coaching or the community that you need. My VA School groups are crazy close to one another, and I personally coach you. This is really important to keep you motivated and properly supported. It’s not an easy process without that type of support. When a client asks you a question or needs you to do something that you’re not familiar with, you have me and your classmates to fall back on.
  4. When you join a course, you aren’t just investing in the materials, coaching, and community….you’re investing in the knowledge of the course creator. For example, I personally have ten years of knowledge to share with you. It’s a shortcut to the top, which is worth so much more.

Whether you join my course or someone else’s, I urge you to invest in yourself. We have to get out of the “broke” mindset, which will never get you anywhere.

The reason you stay stuck is that you keep telling yourself every excuse not to step out of your comfort zone. Whether that be financial comfort, putting yourself out there, or the opinion of others.

If I’ve learned anything over the past ten years, it’s to stay true to myself.

Before I started working from home as a VA, my husband didn’t believe in me. I grew that business to a hundred and twenty thousand dollars per year.

When I had the idea to create My VA School, my mom told me that it would never work. My company is now valued at 1.3 million dollars.

What would have happened if I would have listened to two of the closest people in my life? I would have stayed stuck. I would have continued to struggle.

The truth is, they had my best interest at heart…truly. The only problem? They aren’t me! They had no idea what I was capable of, and they didn’t know my heart. Only I knew that.

Who in your life is inadvertently holding you back? Life is way too short not to go for it!