Why You’re Not Getting Clients
(and what to do about it)

Clients. We don’t have a business without them — right?

What happens when you’re trying your hardest, but you just can’t seem to reel them in?

The good news is there are more clients out there than you could ever imagine and all of the mistakes you’re making are 100% fixable!

Here’s a list of the most common mistakes I see people making:

  1. You’re tossing your resume out there like it’s candy. If you want to attract your ideal clients, you have to stop looking desperate. Small business owners are looking for freelancers that are intentional in applying for virtual positions. Don’t think they can tell? I promise you that they can! Stop throwing your resume at anyone and everyone.
  2. You’re not reading the entire job posting. In an effort to weed out people applying for the available position, small businesses will many times put specific instructions in the job posting to see if you’re paying attention. The second you don’t follow instructions, you’re done before they ever get to know you and your chance is wasted.
  3. You’re not researching the company. So you landed an interview, congratulations! But for the love of GOD please do not show up to an interview without doing your research on the business you are interviewing with. It’s a major turn off and will likely result in you being passed up for the job.
  4. You’re applying for scams. It’s true, there are lots of scams out there so you have to be aware.
    • Here’s how to spot one:
      • They want to send you a check to buy “supplies” and then ask you to send back the overage. No one will EVER give you money for work not done. Run away, FAST!
      • They are representing a big company (such as State Farm Insurance), but their url’s in their email and web addresses seem to be slightly off. Pay attention closely to them. An example would be john@statefarm.biz instead of a dot come site, etc.
  5. You’re not showing off your personality. These are small businesses looking to hire you, not dry corporate companies. Don’t be so formal that you come off as having no personality. Companies are looking for someone who is personable! Show a little personality in your resume, cover letters, emails and interview!
  6. You’re not confident. Alright, so picture this…you’re going in for surgery today and the surgeon comes in and asks you if you’re nervous. You answer yes and the surgeon replies, “yeah, me too”. Would you think twice? Of course you would! This isn’t surgery, but it’s the same thing with potential clients. If you don’t have confidence in yourself, how in the world are they going to have confidence in you? Be confident in your ability. It’s okay to not know everything, but be willing to learn!
  7. You say “I don’t know” — eek! Repeat after me…I will NEVER say “I don’t know” on an interview. Does that mean you lie? Nope! You tell the truth but phrase it this way: “I’m not familiar with that, BUT I have always wanted to learn!” or “That’s not my area of specialty, but I DO have experience in xyz which is similar and I’d love to learn!” — see the difference?
  8. You’re not looking in the right places. Alright, if you’re not looking in the right places for the clients that need your services, you are completely running in place. For example, do not look for jobs in Facebook groups filled with nothing but Virtual Assistants and freelancers. It’s nothing but competition and other people trying to do the exact same thing you are doing! You need to be in and around groups that are filled with people who could use your services! Look for small business groups, etc. Also look for freelancing websites that are only US based (this does not apply to you if you are overseas) such as Hire My Mom (dot) com. This will weed out people who charge way less than you and therefore be easier for you to find a client faster.
  9. You don’t have any reviews. I know you’re saying to yourself, “but what if I’m new?” and I get it. This is where you have to think outside the box! Who is someone that can speak to your character? A former employer? Professor? Teacher? You only need two or three and it makes a big difference until you can get client reviews!
  10. You’re not responsive. This is a big one! Don’t wait too long to respond to a potential client. If you are actively applying for jobs, you should be on your communication with them like white on rice. Check your emails, your job boards, social media messages, etc. If you’re not responsive, that indicates to them how your performance will be within their company and you’ll be passed up.
  11. Your social media profiles are sketchy. If you don’t think potential clients check you out on social media before they hire you, you are wrong. They absolutely will check you out everywhere because you are an extension of their company. Remove anything that can be deemed controversial or vulgar. This includes pictures, quotes, tags, etc. If this upsets you because it’s “your personal life” and “you can do what you want” then freelancing isn’t for you.
  12. You’re not educated. STOP being afraid to invest in your education. There are professionals (such as myself) that have paved the way for you. Taking courses to prepare yourself gives you the credibility and confidence you need to be successful. Plus you’ll make that money back a thousand fold, so it’s a no-brainer!

If you follow these tips, I guarantee you will have a TON of clients in NO TIME! I’d love to know how these help you, so be sure to let me know!