How To Overcome A “Broke” Mindset

Money. It’s a necessity to pay billseat, and raise our families. Nearly two-thirds of Americans say that they’re living paycheck to paycheck, so chances are, you may be one of them.

Struggling with money is the worst. It’s some of the most stressful times that I’ve ever been through. It can be so stressful on a family that many people even get divorced over disagreements about money. In fact, the percentage is as high as 41% of divorces!

What if I told you that overcoming your money troubles has more to do with your mindset than anything else?

Now before you say that I’m crazy, hear me out.

If you’re familiar with my story, you know that I am the queen of money struggles.

The first home that my husband and I ever purchased was foreclosed on. We couldn’t afford furniturefood, or cable. I can remember getting a wreath for my front door with my tax return because otherwise, we couldn’t afford it. It was hard to watch my brother take his family on vacation in the summertime, and the best I could do was take my kids to the local splash pad. 

How did I go from beyond broke to multiple six-figures? Most of it had to do with my way of thinking (legit, no BS).

Have you ever heard what you thinkfeel, and put out into the world you attract? This is most commonly known as the law of attraction.

I’ll put it to you this way.

Have you ever had something bad happen? And then something else bad happens? And then again, and again, and again? Then you’re left saying, “when it rains, it pours!”

It actually has to do with what you’re attracting in your life and the lowering of your vibration

We’ll talk about vibrations in a minute, but let’s talk about how to know if you’re stuck in a “broke” mindset before we do.

A broke mindset can be defined as having beliefs around money that affect how you think of money. If you have a broke mindset, you have a negative way of thinking about finances.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you constantly worried about making enough money?
  2. Are you afraid to spend money?
  3. Do you frequently miss out with friends or family because of money?
  4. Do you feel like you are always playing “catch up” with bills?
  5. Do you hold yourself back from your dreams because of money?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you could have a “broke” mindset. Not to worry though, you can get out of this cycle with just a few steps (yes, really!).

Before we get into the steps you need, let’s talk about what a “wealthy” mindset is as well as what “vibration” is. 

A “wealthy” mindset is not about having more money or becoming rich. Anyone can have a wealthy mindset, and it doesn’t involve being a millionaire.

Money is energy. Not money itself, as it’s just a piece of paper, but the negative or positive emotions behind money attaches to it. 

Having positive emotions when it comes to money has a higher vibration and thus attracts abundance

So what is vibration?

Everything in the universe is made up of molecules vibrating at different speeds. This includes trees, humans, rocks, animals, thoughts, and emotions. 

Human vibrations are composed of everything from physical matter to the way you communicate the thoughts you think. 

In simple terms, some molecules vibrate faster, and some vibrate slower; there are higher vibrations and lower vibrations.

When you vibrate at a higher level, you feel lighterhappier, and more at ease, whereas lower vibrations feel heavy and dark.

Here are five steps to overcome a broke mindset and raise your vibration (which will create massive abundance!).

  1. Gratitude. Gratitude is one of the quickest ways to raise your vibration. Try it right now. Stop reading this post and look around the room. Turn your attention to what you are thankful for at this moment (there is always something). It might be your warm cup of coffee, the beautiful weather, or the breath in your lungs. Tony Robbins once said, “you can’t feel fear or anger while feeling gratitude at the same time.” When you feel yourself experiencing a low energy emotion, stop and shift your attention to gratitude. You can even take it a step further and write down five things that you’re grateful for every morning.
  2. Generosity. Anytime you get stingy or greedy with anything (love, attention, money), it lowers your vibration, and it feels terrible. Anytime you attach your happiness to something outside of yourself, it leaves you feeling the opposite of how you want to feel. The antidote is to be generous. Whatever you want more of in your life, offer it out to someone or something else. Feeling poor? Give a little money to charity. Feeling lonely? Make an effort to make a stranger smile. Don’t have enough time? Give your time to a good cause.
  3. Meditation. Meditating calms your nervous system, improves your mood, and brings out greater feelings of peace. These are all higher-vibration qualities that will benefit your state of being. Look up some guided meditations on YouTube or download an app on your phone if you don’t know where to start.
  4. Visualize Your Success. Remember, success can look different for everyone. Visualization could be as simple as photos that give you encouragement or positive quotes that will motivate you to keep going. This is precisely why I have my students create a vision board in my course and give them encouraging screensavers and playlists.
  5. Invest in something. It takes money to make money. Investing your money in something is always wise if you know there is a high probability of making a return. That is the only reason that you start a for-profit business, to begin with! Money is a source of energy manifested and should always be put to good use and kept in circulation. What this means is that you must spend your money to make more money.

I’d love to know how putting these five things into practice shifts things for you.

Here’s to living an abundant life you’ve always dreamed of and breaking old patterns that no longer serve you!