Are You Taking Responsibility For Your Success?

Let me unpack this a little bit for you.

How do you react when you fail at something? What about other people’s opinions of you and/or your goals — do they influence you?

What do you do when things get hard?

Do you keep showing up?

If I had listened to other people in the past, I wouldn’t be here.

If I let failure stop me, I wouldn’t be here.

If I stopped when things got hard, I wouldn’t be here.

Let me tell you some stories…

When I started working from home, my husband thought it was a total scam. He was pissed that I quit my job, but I knew there was something out there bigger. I knew I was made for more than what I was getting in my life.

I persisted and retired him.

When I had the idea for My VA School and excitedly told my mom about it, she said to me “it’ll never work”.

I now help her out on bills when she’s low on cash after hitting multi-six figures in my first year.

I went to a business conference across the country after working closely with the clients of a BIG TIME coach. I didn’t know that this coach saw me as a threat and she stood up in front of a room of 200+ people and told me she was starting a Virtual Assisting company and that she was going to “put me out of business”.

I was devastated, but I went home and picked myself back up. I for sure didn’t go out of business and instead I grew over 2,600%!!!

What would have happened if I listened to those people? Who’s in your head telling you that “you can’t”?

It’s all up to YOU. NO ONE ELSE.

For all the “can’ts” in the world, I am here to tell you that YOU CAN! You’ve got this. You are smart, you have gifts and you have clients out there waiting for you.

Beginning today, be IN CHARGE of your success. Keep going and I promise it’ll happen for you.